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Food and Beverages Industry

ACK pays a pivotal role in helping you to get a better perspective of your processes and grow your business. We offer solutions to reduce time-manufacture, contain costs, maintain quality and provide seamless integration with your partners. In Food and BeveragesIndustry we provide System Architecture & Flexibility for - Dairy Industry:

-Curd Making
-Milk Power Making

Water & Waste Water Treatment

ACK has a track record in the field of Process Automation for installing solutions with proven control technology and application expertise in the field of Water and Waste Water industries. Our solutions reduce operator intervention without diminishing plant efficiency or treated water quality.
In Water industry we provide System Architecture & Flexibility for.

-Reverse Osmosis Filtration
-Acid Waste Neutralization & Optimization (pH & HF)
-Waste Recovery
-Dewatering Systems
-Chemical Addition
-Elevated Storage Tanks
-Influent treatment Plants
-Remote Transmitting Units (RTU)

Sugar Industry

In sugar industry we provide System Architecture & Flexibility for- Co-generation Plant:


Power & Utility

Market requirement today is reliable electric service, prompt and accurate responses to customer problems, and efficient business processes and reporting. Our team of experts help you handle all aspects of your project - design system architectures, optimize system efficiency, increase reliability and uptime, simplify serviceability, reduce or eliminate manual operation and intervention, or comply with regulatory reporting requirements.
Our Domain Expertise Lies In:

-Burner Management Systems & Boilers Control Systems
-Bio-Mass and Cogen power plant automation
-Dryer Systems
-Chiller Automation & Optimization
-Cooling Towers
-Air Handling Units
-Heater Control Systems
-Evaporator Systems

Boiling House Automation

-Juice Stabilization
-Evaporation & PAN
-Water System
-Centrifuge Equipment


Industry leaders striving for operational excellence will benefit from enabling plant automation. Our highly advanced automation solutions will give you a competitive edge by plant-wide integration and lifecycle optimization.
Our Domain Expertise Lies In:

-Automation of multilayer Duplex board paper line
-Automation for De-inking plant
-Paper cutting machine
-Pocket sheeter machine


Automation is a key to quality improvement and cost competitiveness. ACK’s aim is to provide accessible information to every sector of your plant, to enable efficient management of various stages of production, to enhance planning and control at strategic points, and to ensure optimum integration within the spinning mill. Our Domain Expertise Has Been Deployed In :

-Fiber Line Automation
-POY & FDY winder Automation.
-Fancy Yarn attachment.
-Warping machine
-Sizing machine.
-Multi count & Multi Twist.

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